Thursday, July 22, 2010



she slouches on a leather couch
blond hair falling onto a silk blouse
a lady stares from behind a wall of
glass... nods hello.

she sinks into her own safe world
free here, no one cares about her
bleached blond hair, lipstick the
color of a tangerine...

long slender legs - cross, spikes fall
off exposing painted toenails.
American Health opened on her
lap, and a pack of Salem’s - to her left

each Friday at nine she waits, for him...
slept together beneath a full moon,
made violent love,
she called his name, reaching a climax.
He never knew.

She set the table for breakfast,
wanting to be his bride.

The woman protected by glass watches
a Tangerine Lady as she snaps her gum.
The office door opens, she stands - knowing
her secret loves watches as she bends,
her secret lover watches as she bebds a
little further, her skirt tight - now
lifting the Salem’s which fell to the

Tangerine Lady smiled, passing the
woman no longer protected by glass.

"Trash." The Tangerine Lady states.
handing the girl once protected by a
shield of glas, takes the wad of gum -
heaves it into a circular can.

When she leaves, the girl behind the
glass reminds her of Monday -
Tangerine Lady smiles - and whispers,
"He already bought the tickets. . ."

Nancy Duci Denofio
all rights reserved

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