Tuesday, July 20, 2010



no more butter,
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise,
cream or real

might stimulate
brain cells,
cause the heart
to pump faster –
even wake you up -

bottled water
diet bread, diet soda
with no caffeine,
dry toast or
sugar free jelly...

all of this only if a
paper gives
out coupons or
a discount at the
all you can eat
buffet -
a discount
at a discount
store, or
a DVD you don’t
know how to play –

advice – it’s on
the television all
day – so we hear
this is that – one day
and it changes back
another to another
way. . .

our cupboards are
stark naked – they
aren’t the ones
mixed up -
they knew when a
letter arrived
from the government,
not increasing Medicare
they say. . .

can't even buy
a pill or Tylenol
from the shelf -
age - never knew
what it was
all about beyond
graying of ones' hair,
mixing up

but the government
stays the same

Nancy Duci Denofio
all rights reserved

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