Friday, July 9, 2010



Your children cry at night
for they are hungry
and their Papa has no job
no one wants a drop out -
the head - of the family, prays.

A child watches as a family
enters a grocery store, and
their PaPa opens up his wallet,
can't pay to feed his family,
so he purchases necessities
and their growing child suffers.

Their child becomes sick, and
a druggist hands them a bill
for some generic medication –
a parent, with a tear in their
eye, leaves it there and prays
Illness will dissipate.

The family tries to sell their home –
to pay bills, to feed a weaken child
and watches when their child suffers
in a metal crib, not their own. . .
No luck, so leave their house without
a place to sleep.

The family begs for food, a place
to lay their heads, a place where a
sick child can cuddle in the night.
They dream about a wooden crib
and wake to find their child dead.

Nancy Duci Denofio
all rights reserved

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