Thursday, January 6, 2011



Sprawled out on
cement steps –
those I climb several
times a weeks to
our library –
today, I leaned my
head against a pole
closed my eyes
to see a stranger
looking back –
a stranger’s face.

Knew - your face I never
knew - or had you
known me?

Did you die?

You kept talking to me
with your eyes – staring
at me, as if asking me to
say something, do
something – so I closed
my eyes –
opened my eyes –
closed – open – closed
open – trying to make you
go away.

I began to study your face.

My eyes remained closed –

You never stopped staring,
I knew you were trying to
say something – I could see
it in your eyes –

I never knew you – but who
did you know? Who knew
you? – someone here, here
at this library?

Tell me the message –
Tell me who it is?

Or - perhaps it was only
your mistake, sending
a message to the
wrong person?

My eyes opened – closed
once more, opened and
closed –
opened -
no way to remove
your face.
Why am I playing
your game?

Strangers passing, holding
books, climbing cement
stairs – those steps – I have
climbed many times, but
never once placed my head
against this old pole –

Will you haunt me now?
Or return in a dream?

I returned, a week or
so later, sitting on cement
closing my eyes –
I’ve never seen
your face again.

Perhaps, you felt
alone in heaven?

Nancy Duci Denofio
all rights reserved
copyright 2010

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